Field Specialists

Annette & Warren Hobart are Indigenous trappers from the Northern Boreal Forest area, and extremely active land users. Trained in wilderness survival, and indigenous medicine making that has been passed down by Cree, Salish, and Dene Elders from across Canada.
Both are formally trained and have a strong science and technical background, and have owned and operated a traditional land use research company for the last 8 years. Mixing Western Science with Traditional Knowledge. 
The Hobart 's hope studying and document Big Foot in his natural habitat, and shed some light and knowledge around this elusive creature.



Field Specialist

Experienced outdoorsman, hunter, fisherman and the ever evolving skills of tracking, trapping, firebuilding and survivor skills. My love for the wilderness started when I was about 5 years of age. Spending my summers in the bush at camp with my Grandparents.  I feel the bush is where I belong. The freedom of exploration and discovery excites me. The peaceful calming, and yet heart pounding moments you experience are like no other. 
As I got older I found myself pushing away from our current society model, and felt a strong pull to the wild. Although I'm a traditionalist at heart, I leave room to utilize current technologies when needed. I'm always striving to learn new wilderness techniques, as I have the utmost respect for the aboriginal traditional ways, And hope to one day spend time with traditional elders and land users, to better learn their teachings.
The bush, the wild. Never forget, is where humans originated from, it's our roots. Today we have lost that connection and I'm seeking it out. 
Sasquatch has been part of our history, with documented sightings going back all most  200, with more and more sightings reported each year. And we hope to find them.